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Welcome to 4SRC Limited (4 Second Racing Club)

So...... who are we? where are we? why us? and what do we do?

We are a carbon fibre specialist located in Warrington, Cheshire, just 15 minutes outside of Manchester. We are the UK's leading manufacturer, supplying worldwide for carbon aero kits, interior trims, bonnets, boots, splitters, spoilers, diffusers and much much more. We have a great team with over years and years of professional experience

All of our products are perfectly made to a very high standard which are of great fitment because we believe in quality! We have been making carbon parts for the most popular and most exciting cars since 2000

Our other departments are:

#Carbon Aero Parts #Car Detailing #Paint Correction #Tuning #ECU remapping #Engine Rebuilds & Modifications #Custom Exhaust Systems #Repairs #Car Wrapping #Window Tinting #Car Styling #Organisation of Car Shows and Track Days

What is Car Detailing and Paint Correction? What are swirl marks and what causes them?

To cut it short, the detailing process is removing all the surface debris, tar, tree sap, defects and imperfections that are stuck on the surface of your car. Once attended to, it leaves your car in an immaculate, smooth prestige showroom condition.

We pride ourselves in our work and every care in attention to detail is given to your pride and joy. Our modern state of the art showroom detailing studio is very well maintained and equipped with top quality machinery and products to guarantee great workmanship in the safest way possible with live in-house CCTV for peace of mind security

Swirl marks are caused by improper washing techniques and methods and the usage of wrong materials and equipment when cleaning a car, which show up under direct lighting. 

Engine Tuning & Remapping:

Being one of the best in the country, ACSpeedtech, our performance team has a phenomenal background when it comes to custom remapping and tuning! Our team never finish a job until we are fully satisfied with the outcome, even if it means working through the night!

#EcuTek MASTER Tuner- GTR/Subaru/Evo #COBB Nissan GTR ProTUNER #Mobile and 'E-Tune' GTR Custom Mapping #Premier Nissan GTR Tuning #From a 'Y'Pipe to 1000+HP engine builds #Custom ACS turbo upgrades #GTR GR6 Transmission upgrades 

#Experienced in 900+HP Time Attack builds #Years of Dyno Dynamics Mapping/Operation
Standalone and Stock ECU remapping #Mobile and Dyno tuning available #Rolling roads available nationwide #Chassis tuning / Geometry setups #Corner weighting available 

#Remapping of Stock ECU Euro/US cars #BMW, Mercedez-Benz, VAG etc #BMW E9x M3 Stock ECU custom remap #Most advanced file in Europe #Custom performance packages #Mobile remapping service #Custom circuit race and drag setup #Engine management #Custom exhaust and manifold fabrication #Custom CNC services #Chassis engineering services

Whatever you need for your pride and joy, you will most likely find it with us here at 4SRC. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice and an estimated quote

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