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step by step detailing

1) snowfoam or citrus prewash
*to loosen surface dirt
*leave to dwell for 5-7mins

2) 2bucket shampoo with grit guards
*lamb wool wash mitt

3) decontamination
*tar and glue remover
*iron fallout remover
*clay bar/ clay mitt

4) rewash and rinse after decontamination steps
QD (quick detailer) as drying aid

5) wheels -
degrease, rinse, wheel cleaner, soft brush to agitate, rinse, iron fallout remover, rinse (tar and glue if needed, then rewash and rinse)

6) polishing by machine or by hand

by machine

a) removal of swirl marks caused by incorrect washing technique and equipment, using a cutting compound and appropriate pad to restore neglected, swirl marked, dull and faded paintwork

b) finishing pad and polish to enhance the paintworks gloss and give it that showroom shine

7) ceramic coating/ sealant - long lasting paint protection

8) wax - adds another layer of protection and an enhancement of gloss and shine

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