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4SRC Nissan GTR35 Brake Master Cylinder Stopper BMCS kit - 4 Second Racing Club

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4SRC Nissan GTR35 Brake Master Cylinder Stopper BMCS kit


The 4SRC Nissan GT-R35 Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (BMCS) kit is a must-have accessory for all model years of the GT-R35. The BMCS is designed specifically to stabilize the brake master cylinder in the GT-R35, ensuring optimal performance during hard braking maneuvers.

During intense braking situations, the hydraulic pressure and force applied to the brake pedal can cause the sheet metal of the firewall to flex significantly. This flexing can affect the responsiveness and efficiency of the braking system. However, with the 4SRC alloy Brake Cylinder Stopper, this issue is effectively addressed.

Crafted from high-quality CNC 6061 billet alloy, the Brake Cylinder Stopper boasts exceptional durability and strength. Its smooth matte silver coating gives it an attractive finish that complements the GT-R35's aesthetics. The BMCS seamlessly integrates with both the factory brake system and any upgraded units.

When installing the Brake Master Cylinder Stopper, it's important to follow the recommended torque specifications for the bolts. Keeping the torque between 18nm and 22nm ensures a secure fit without risking bolt damage. Over-tightening the bolts can lead to their snapping, so it's crucial to exercise caution during installation.

It's worth noting that only one Brake Master Cylinder Stopper is required per car. To ensure compatibility with your vehicle's configuration, you can choose between the Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive version of the BMCS.

By incorporating the 4SRC Nissan GT-R35 Brake Master Cylinder Stopper kit, you can enhance the stability and performance of your GT-R35's braking system, making it an excellent investment for GT-R35 enthusiasts and owners alike.

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