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Detailed Subaru WRX STI 2016

A full decontamination was carried out on this fine example of an modern iconic motor.

Firstly, we applied a snowfoam prewash and let that dwell for a couple of minutes, loosening the surface dirt and grit before rinsing it off with a pressure washer. Second stage of cleaning was to give it a quick 2 bucket method shampoo and followed by iron fallout removal, tree sap and other road debris that may have been stuck on the vehicle, finishing with a clay bar to ensure everything is taken off the car before we start the 2 stage machine polishing paint enhancement process.

under strict requirements by the owner, we were asked to apply a ceramic coating to the vehicle and we decided to use the C.QUARTZ CQUK by carPRO. This gave the paintwork a deeper gloss after application and we finished it off with KochChemie's Nano sealant and wax

the windscreens and glass were cleaned and sealed using again KochChemie's 2stage glass cleaning and protection sealant kit and the water behaviour is superior

the wheels and tyres were degreased and cleaned using Revive My Ride's wheel cleaner and finished off with their wheel armour and tyre dresser product which gives good quality protection and beading for the alloys.

We also took the time to put the vehicle on axle stands to give the underside arch trims, brake calipers, suspension coils and all that were in view a deep clean, so that the vehicle was in an immaculate presentable showroom condition.





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