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2015+ Subaru Steering Wheel 4SRC Bespoke Made - 4 Second Racing Club

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC 2015+ Subaru Steering Wheel 4SRC Bespoke Made


Elevate Your Driving Experience: Introducing our upgraded steering wheel, carefully designed to enhance your time behind the wheel. Crafted from an OEM model, we have added extra hand grips on the left and right sides, ensuring optimal comfort and control during your drives.

Our dedication to luxury and performance shines through the thoughtful retrimming of the steering wheel. The top and bottom sections have been meticulously retrimmed with alcantara, providing a plush and tactile grip. Meanwhile, the left and right sides boast the sophistication of perforated leather, elegantly accented with stylish red stitchings.

At 4SRC, we understand that individuality matters. If you have a specific design in mind, our team is ready to bring your vision to life. Simply email us, and we will create your dream steering wheel, tailored to your unique preferences.

For those opting for the exchange option, we offer a seamless process. Just send us your old OEM wheel, and we will replace it with our enhanced version. Rest assured that your old wheel will be in good hands, getting a new life as someone else's upgraded experience.

However, we also understand sentimental value and attachment to your current wheel. If you choose the no exchange option, you can keep your old wheel while enjoying the luxury and performance of our upgraded version in your vehicle.

Embrace the road with a steering wheel designed for both comfort and style. Transform your driving experience with our premium materials and custom options. Take the wheel and feel the difference firsthand.

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