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4SRC Billet CNC Deep Engine Oil Sump Pan

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC Billet CNC Deep Engine Oil Sump Pan


The 4SRC Billet CNC Deep Engine Oil Sump Pan introduces an innovative approach to oil management. Tailored specifically for the Nissan VR38 engine, this sump pan showcases a unique design crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum using CNC machining techniques. This precision manufacturing ensures not only durability but also a lightweight composition.

Distinguishing itself with its deep-set construction, the 4SRC Billet CNC Oil Sump Pan offers an additional liter of oil capacity, delivering a strategic advantage for performance-driven scenarios such as track racing and straight-line acceleration. By accommodating increased G-forces during rapid speed changes and sharp cornering, the design of this oil sump pan effectively mitigates the risk of uneven oil distribution within the engine.

For those seeking optimal oil management solutions for high-performance driving, the 4SRC Billet CNC Deep Engine Oil Sump Pan stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. Its custom-fit for the Nissan VR38 engine ensures compatibility, while the utilization of advanced materials and an extra liter of oil capacity further solidify its performance-driven credentials.

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