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4SRC Design 2017-2019 EBA MY17 GTR35 Super Brakes Cooling Carbon Front Splitter - 4 Second Racing Club

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC Design 2017-2021 EBA MY17 GTR35 R1 Super Brakes Cooling Carbon Front Splitter


4SRC Design presents the perfect addition for your 2017-2021 EBA Nissan GTR35 OEM front bumper – the all-new carbon fibre front splitter. Crafted with precision, this splitter boasts a lightweight and durable construction, thanks to its 100% carbon fibre composition.

One of its standout features is the integrated 2.5-inch long hose system, strategically designed to connect behind the brake disks. This innovative feature provides enhanced brake cooling, ensuring optimal performance even in intense driving conditions.

But that's not all. The design of this front splitter goes beyond aesthetics. It also generates significant downforce, noticeably improving stability and traction during cornering. This means you can experience heightened control and confidence when taking on challenging turns.

So why settle for style alone when you can have both form and function? Elevate your driving experience with the 4SRC Design front splitter – a sleek and functional upgrade that enhances downforce and brake cooling.

Please note that professional installation is required for this product. Due to the significant downforce generated at the front, it is essential to ensure proper installation for optimal safety.


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