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4SRC Drag Boyz GTR35 Headlight delete kit - pair

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC Drag Boyz GTR35 Headlight delete kit - pair


Presenting the 4SRC Drag Boyz GTR35 Headlight Delete Kit – an engineering marvel tailored to racing aficionados in pursuit of unparalleled excellence and performance. Expertly crafted using revolutionary methods and top-tier materials, these headlight deletes are meticulously designed to enhance your track encounters. Unlike conventional wet carbon manufacturing processes, our deletes are meticulously hewn from autoclave-prepreg carbon under high pressure and temperature, guaranteeing exceptional durability and outstanding lightweight performance.

Delving deeper into the product's intricacies, we proudly offer two distinct finishes: untreated and high gloss. Catering to the discerning needs of race car enthusiasts, where every gram saved translates to a competitive edge, the high gloss variant weighs in at approximately 336-380g each. In contrast, the untreated version achieves a remarkable weight of 288g or less. Opting for the untreated version means embracing the raw carbon aesthetic – straight off the molds and polished to perfection, unburdened by the added weight of paint.

This product has been meticulously tailored to the unique demands of racing, where the significance of shedding even a single gram cannot be overstated. Numerous dedicated drag racers of the R35 have already embraced the benefits of shedding stock headlights and adopting this transformative product. It's essential to note that prevailing headlight delete options predominantly employ wet carbon, which inevitably leads to increased weight. Our solution, however, employs prepreg carbon manufactured through the high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave process. This distinction ensures superiority not only in terms of weight but also in rigidity.

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