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4SRC GTR35 Prepreg Carbon R1 front fenders kit

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC GTR35 Prepreg Carbon R1 front fenders kit


These fenders are compatible with all Nissan GTR35 models from 2008 to 2023. They are made of prepreg dry carbon and produced using autoclave technology. 

Prepreg carbon fiber is a lightweight material that offers superior stiffness and strength compared to steel and aluminum, providing numerous practical benefits. In fact, weight for weight, carbon fiber offers 2 to 5 times more rigidity than aluminum and steel.

Please note that these fenders are OEM fender width and not oversized.

The main difference between "Part Exposed Carbon" and "Full Exposed Carbon Gloss" lies in the extent of the carbon weave visibility and coverage on the product, particularly for use in vehicles.

  • Part Exposed Carbon: Part Exposed Carbon refers to a product that showcases some sections or parts with 100% perfect carbon weaves visible. However, the rest of the product requires additional finishing, such as painting or wrapping, to cover those areas. Despite this, the entire product is manufactured using full prepreg carbon. Essentially, only certain sections display the natural carbon weave, while the other sections need covering for a consistent appearance.

  • Full Exposed Carbon Gloss: In contrast, Full Exposed Carbon Gloss indicates a product where the entire surface displays 100% perfect carbon weaves. This means that the entire product showcases the natural carbon weave and finish. Similar to the Part Exposed Carbon, it can also be customized through painting, wrapping, or directly fitting onto the vehicle. The key distinction is that in this case, the entire product, not just specific sections, presents the exposed carbon weave without additional finishing required.

In summary, both "Part Exposed Carbon" and "Full Exposed Carbon Gloss" are made using full prepreg carbon, but the former only displays certain sections with the carbon weave exposed, requiring additional finishing for the rest of the product, while the latter showcases the entire surface with the carbon weave visible and may still be customized or directly used without additional finishing.

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