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4SRC GTR35 Rear Under Tray Brackets kit

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC GTR35 Rear Under Tray Brackets kit


Upgrade your Nissan GTR35 ownership experience with our revolutionary stainless steel brackets, designed to fit all model years from 2008 to 2023, including the early JDM model, both RHD and LHD configurations. If you've been struggling with those bothersome rear under tray brackets that are prone to rust, especially in the cold and wet weather of the UK, we have excellent news for you!

Introducing our exclusive stainless steel brackets, engineered to combat rust issues and provide unmatched durability for your Nissan GTR35. These brackets are no ordinary replacements – they are meticulously crafted using metal molds pressed with a robust 1.2mm thickness, ensuring they are not only sturdy but also highly resistant to corrosion.

Gone are the days of having to purchase the entire under tray from your local Nissan dealership just to replace the brackets. Our stainless steel brackets offer a cost-effective solution, saving you from breaking the bank. These specialized brackets are not available at Nissan dealerships, making them an exclusive find for GTR35 owners seeking top-quality replacements.

Don't let rust compromise the aesthetics and performance of your prized vehicle any longer. Embrace the long-lasting reliability of our stainless steel brackets and say goodbye to constant rust issues. Whether you're driving in the UK's unpredictable weather or facing damp conditions elsewhere, our brackets will stand strong, keeping your GTR35 in top-notch condition.

Why settle for ordinary when you can upgrade to extraordinary? Get your hands on our high-quality stainless steel brackets today and bid farewell to rust-related headaches. Ensure your Nissan GTR35 maintains its pristine appearance and top performance with this must-have enhancement.

So, if you're ready to bid farewell to rust woes and embrace an enduring solution, look no further. Upgrade your Nissan GTR35 with our state-of-the-art stainless steel brackets. Don't miss out – contact us now to secure your set and experience the transformation firsthand!

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