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4SRC OEM Style Rear Fog Lamp for GTR35

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4SRC OEM Style Rear Fog Lamp for GTR35


Introducing the 4SRC OEM Style Rear Fog Lamp for GTR35, an advanced LED solution designed to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Crafted to emulate the OEM style, this rear fog lamp ensures an exact fitment for a range of Nissan GTR35 models, spanning from 2012 to the current year. The plug-and-play design guarantees a hassle-free installation process, making it an excellent choice for damage repair or upgrades.

For those with a Gen1 CBA GTR35 seeking an upgrade to the newer rear bumper, this rear fog lamp becomes a vital component. The transition to the newer rear bumper necessitates the use of the updated rear under tray diffuser. Additionally, for European GTR models, this fog lamp plays a crucial role in filling the cut-out slot, enhancing the overall appearance.

Furthermore, the versatility of this fog lamp extends to its potential use as an extra brake light if desired, thanks to its LED bulbs. The LED technology not only adds a unique touch but also ensures exceptional visibility and longevity. 

Experience the seamless integration, versatile utility, and extended warranty coverage of the 4SRC OEM Style Rear Fog Lamp – a practical choice for both upgrades and repairs, delivering enhanced visibility and a polished look to your GTR35.

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