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4SRC R1 rear bumper and rear valance kit

4 Second Racing Club

4SRC R1 rear bumper and rear valance kit


With our new R1 rear bumper, they are prepreg carbon made, you have few different options here. 

If you are happy with your M17 model GTR35 OEM stock bumper, you can just go for the dry carbon rear valance kit, which will replace the stock plastic parts. 

We also have the parts exposed carbon for the rear bumper, this bumper can run with our carbon R1 rear diffuser, or with OEM plastic rear valance. 

If you would like to go for the extreme light weight on the full carbon exposed rear bumper, we have them available as well. Full carbon exposed rear bumper is make by order, please get in touch with the team to work out the time frame. 

Full exposed carbon rear bumper weights 3.74kg with 5 layers of gloss clear coats painted. 

Full carbon rear valance weights 2.3kg with 5 layers of gloss clear coats painted.

Fitting notes, if your car is 2008- early 2011 CBA model, you will need to get the later diffuser (DBA/EBA) to fit better, or our LB style diffuser will make the centre section looks better.  For 2012-2016 DBA model and MY17 2017-2021 model, you won't need any rear under tray, as they are already come with the factory one. 

Professionals are required to fine-tune and teach to achieve perfection.


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