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Nissan GT R35 V-spec non widebody front fender wings kit (Parts carbon) - 4 Second Racing Club

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Nissan GT R35 V-spec non widebody front fender wings kit (Parts carbon)


introduce our Nissan GTR35 2008-2022 Fenders Set, designed to enhance both the appearance and performance of your vehicle, giving your Nissan GTR35 a unique and distinctive style. Whether you're aiming for exceptional performance or a more eye-catching look, our product caters to your needs.

Product Features:

  1. Wide Compatibility: This fenders set, while not the wide body version, is compatible with any Nissan OEM front bumper or non-wide body aftermarket front bumper. It seamlessly integrates with your bumper choice for a polished appearance.

  2. Material Variety: Crafted from high-quality FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and carbon fiber, our fenders set balances lightweight design with durability. The carbon fiber vents on the side bottom not only contribute to the aesthetics but also enhance downforce and overall performance.

  3. Professional Installation Required: For fitting and painting, we recommend enlisting the expertise of a skilled body shop. This ensures a precise and flawless installation that lives up to our standards.

  4. Ready for Customization: The fenders set comes with a stain black undercoat on the non-carbon areas. This serves as a base for painting or wrapping the fenders to match your car's color, allowing for a personalized touch.

Performance Enhancement:

The carbon vents on the side bottom of the fenders set serve a dual purpose. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they are designed to enhance airflows, generating increased downforce for the front end of your vehicle. This not only adds to the visual aspect but also contributes to improved performance.

OEM Emblem Compatibility:

Rest assured that all OEM side emblems, whether from 2008-2014 or 2015+ models, will seamlessly fit onto these fenders. This ensures that your vehicle's original branding remains intact, regardless of the model year.


Our fenders set is compatible with Nissan GTR35 models from 2008 to 2022.


Our fenders set is constructed using a combination of FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and carbon fiber for optimal strength, weight, and performance.

Why Choose Our Product:

Our Nissan GTR35 2008-2022 Fenders Set goes beyond being a mere visual upgrade—it's an investment in both the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle. By selecting high-quality materials, we ensure durability while showcasing stunning aesthetics. Our attention to detail guarantees that each fender set meets the highest craftsmanship standards.

If you're seeking a way to elevate your Nissan GTR35 to a whole new level, our fenders set is the perfect choice. It not only turns heads on the road but also enhances your driving experience and handling.

Don't hesitate—get your Nissan GTR35 2008-2022 Fenders Set now and make your vehicle the center of attention! For any inquiries or purchase requirements, feel free to contact our customer service team.

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