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CR Racing Billet GTR35 Transmission Oil Pan GR6 Gear Box

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CR Racing Billet GTR35 Transmission Oil Pan GR6 Gear Box


Introducing the CR Racing billet transmission oil pan, the ultimate solution for both street and race car enthusiasts. Crafted from billet 7075 aluminum, our oil pan delivers unparalleled gearbox strength and a greater oil capacity. Plus, its innovative design includes an oil pickup relocation kit, ensuring a steady flow of oil even during high G-forces on the dragstrip.

For those who love active driving and increased engine power, the CR Racing oil pan is a highly recommended upgrade. GT-R owners who tune their cars for extreme performance experience significant G-forces during launches and acceleration, causing the transmission oil to flush backward and allowing the pickup to draw in air instead of oil. This can lead to a drop in line pressure, resulting in missed shifts and slipping clutches that can seriously damage the transmission.

But with the CR Racing oil pan, this problem is expertly solved through the oil pickup relocation feature. Say goodbye to transmission damage and hello to the ultimate driving experience!

What's more, the CR Racing oil pan boasts a unique honeycomb design at the bottom, which enhances its cooling capabilities. This innovative feature ensures that your transmission stays cool even during high-performance driving, preventing overheating and ensuring that your car performs at its best. So upgrade your vehicle with the CR Racing oil pan and experience unparalleled gearbox strength, increased oil capacity, and advanced cooling capabilities for the ultimate driving experience. Don't let transmission damage or overheating hold you back - choose the CR Racing oil pan for superior performance and reliability on the road or track.

Package including: 
  • CR Racing oil sump pan
  • CR Racing relocation pan
  • Relocation pan gaskt
  • Nissan OEM gear box sump pan gasket
  • rubber rings and bolts

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