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Nissan GT R35 Full Carbon Fast Radiating Bonnet - 4 Second Racing Club

4 Second Racing Club

Nissan GT R35 Full Carbon Fast Radiating Bonnet


This is full carbon fibre made super fast heat radiating bonnet, will fit 2008-2016 CBA and DBA GT-R35 model.

This is with the water tray design bonnet, there are lots of similar design bonnets on the market, but please look carefully again, most of them are with closed vents. Which mean their vents on the bonnets they are just for the look, not useful for heat radiating. So we have this design with removeable water under trays, when you want the bonnet vents all fully functional, just take the under trays off the bonnet. When it is bad weather day, and you don't want your engine bay gets wet, put them back on. All you need to do just undo the small bolts, takes about 5 mins to do.

With/without the undertray, our demo car has been test over 160mph, as long as you fit it professional, the bonnet is going nowhere.

With the fitment, photos talk, we are not like other sellers, we have them in our UK store, and we have test fitted with our demo car.


Single side carbon means just the bonnet top in carbon, underneath is gloss black paint on strong fibre glass. 

Double side carbon means the bonnet inside out is all carbon finished. 

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